About Haus Church


The earliest followers of Jesus were not called 'Christians'. They were called followers of 'The Way'. They were a group of misfits who were uninterested in building an institution. They had no aims to gain political or religious power. Instead, they devoted themselves to worship, the fellowship of eating & drinking, and the sharing of the religion-free good news of Jesus Christ.

They met in people’s homes rather than ornate or expensive buildings and we want to do the same. The word ‘sacrament’ means: a rite or ritual recognized as of particular importance and significance. We have three ‘sacramental’ elements to our gatherings:

Eating, worship and prayer…

EAT: Nothing communicates love and friendship better than food and drink. Sharing a meal with one another each week is an essential part of our worship and spiritual habit.

WORSHIP: After we’ve eaten we will sing songs, hymns or psalms to Jesus. We also read scripture and share together, in discussion or the ritual of communion with bread and wine.

PRAY: We always allow time to pray for each other. We purposefully create a safe environment for people to share honestly and hear God speak for one another.

We deeply believe in the dignity of the individual. Therefore, there is no pressure to partake in any part of our gatherings. You don’t have to sing or pray, you are welcome to simply observe. You can come and go as you please.