Haus Church

:: A community of Jesus followers who meet in homes to eat, worship and pray in the Asheville area.



The earliest followers of Jesus were not called 'Christians'. They were called followers of 'The Way'. They were a group of misfits who were uninterested in building an institution. They had no aims to gain political or religious power. Instead they devoted themselves to worship, the fellowship of eating & drinking, and the sharing of the religion-free good news of Jesus Christ.

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We have two communities in Western North Carolina, in Asheville and Brevard, that meet on Sundays. They consist of families, singles and couples spanning the generations from babies to retirees. All are welcome to eat, worship Jesus and pray with us.



eating is sacred

Nothing communicates love and friendship better than food and drink. Sharing a meal with one another each week is an essential part of our worship and spiritual habit.



Singing and scripture

After we’ve eaten we sing songs, hymns or psalms to Jesus; we read scripture and share together in discussion or the sacrament of communion.



encouraging and blessing

We always allow time to pray for each other. We purposefully create a safe environment for people to share honestly and hear God speak for one another.


Who We Are

Haus Church is led by David & Emilie Gate. In the summer of 2016 they and a handful of families & students moved to Asheville, North Carolina to begin a new community of Jesus followers. In 2011 they relocated to Jacksonville, FL from the UK to join River City Church where they worked for 5 years.